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Antonio Barnes at Indiana Colts game 12/31/2023


My name is Antonio Barnes, and I was recently released from prison after serving 37 years.

I provide successful life strategies to at-risk youth within our community which is my mission now that I am free to give back in a positive way.

My likeness has been portrayed in the long-running HBO series, The Wire, character name, Marquis ‘Bird’ Hilton, played by actor, Freddo Star from the rap group, Onyx.

I am a motivational speaker, youth advocate and author of three books.

The first book I wrote has been published into two series, and that book is called, Prison Is Not a Playground. The first series of Prison Is Not a Playground is about my life story, and the second series includes a workbook after each chapter. There is a discussion section, a question-and-answer section, a journal entry section, and a life tree activity section. The books have been endorsed by, retired teacher and principal Margaret Kirchgater, Dr. Alicia Teausant, and MB Therapeutic Center.

The third book I wrote is called, Save Yourself Life Guide Course, also called, S.Y.S. for short. In S.Y.S., I’ve broken down the course into a 15-week study guide. I’m able to teach this course to students or administrators either digitally or in person as needed.

Save Yourself Life Guide Course features bulleted points to focus on such as, Communication Skills, Education, Family, Learning from Adversity and Defeat to name a few. Included in S.Y.S. is also a journal entry and a life tree activity for change.

I'm affiliated with two therapeutic centers, Be Well in North Carolina, and M.B. Therapeutic in Baltimore, MD where I work hands-on with at risk youth.

A portion of book sales are donated to foundations serving disadvantaged youth, families impacted by gun violence, human trafficking, breast cancer, and dementia to name a few.

Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in providing your students with a rare opportunity to learn life skills using my study guides, as well as receiving my real-life perspective and stories.

I am also available to attend functions, to give talks, and one-on-one crisis prevention/therapy sessions.


Antonio Barnes



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